The finpair difference

Label Datenbewusst Niedersachen - Digitalagentur Niedersachsen

We pursue a clear objective on your behalf: We are determined to optimise the issuance of Schuldscheindarlehen. By engaging investors and issuers. Through the combination of human experience and technical intelligence, we offer our customers efficient processes and maximum security on our platform - while ensuring the greatest possible independence from traditional arrangers. For more transparency at every step.

The finpair process

The complete picture of all the steps involved in issuing a Schuldscheindarlehen - through an innovative digital platform. This mission drives finpair.

Whether you are an issuer or investor, we will accompany you along the entire process chain. Including integrated document management, automatic reminders and permanent monitoring by our team of experts.

finpair benefits


As an independent platform, we serve your needs and not the interests of arranging banks.


Designed as a one-stop platform for Schuldscheindarlehen, we have digitised the entire issuing process. This efficient process control will save you time, effort and money.


Our demand for 100% process reliability is the basis of our actions. At every step, our clients benefit from the experience of our experts in the structuring, preparation and marketing of Schuldscheindarlehen.

finpair offers issuers a new opportunity to structure and market Schuldscheindarlehen quickly and easily. With full transparency and complete lifecycle support, we promote a direct exchange with investors - without banking intermediaries. On attractive terms. Offering maximum process reliability.

Finpair offers investors a transparent process, starting with the invitation to a transaction until repayment of the investment. You will have information on all current new issues and existing investments at your fingertips. Thanks to an intuitive portfolio overview on the platform, direct communication with issuers and bank-independent assessments by renowned partners.

The finpair partner network

We believe in efficient processes. And strong partnerships. This is why we rely on a network that brings together expertise from different disciplines.

Simply reach more investors: Our new cooperation with DekaBank

Thanks to the cooperation with DekaBank, all German savings banks connected to the Deka Easy Access platform automatically have direct online access to our digital promissory notes. Together we can achieve greater investor reach in the digital promissory note market, This gives companies that issue promissory notes greater placement security.
At a glance:
• Greater investor reach
• Higher placement security
• Orders via API interface

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